Status: Success


Merchant Marine

An a day mission. SCUL does not typically operate in the daytime, for
obvious reasons. But there is a bike swap twice a summer in the
Sullivan Constellation, and SCUL was dispatched to investigate. The
route was rampant with g-well activity, and the temperature was nearly
unbearable. USB ships are not equipped for such a harsh galactic
environment. Nevertheless the rewards merited the journey. Upon
arrival we discovered the merchants were friendly, impressed with our
vessels, and happy to do business at a reasonable price.

One of the reasons we decided to pilot choppers to the Sullivan
Constellation is for their low cargo capacity. USBA funding levels are
always in tight supply, and needing to carry back to base anything
purchased helped to discourage impulse spending. We quickly acquired
our cargo limit, SIH Hi Lo, a commuting ship from the sixties, with a
two speed kickback hub on a 16 inch rear thruster. It was too cool to
pass up. Also acquired were supplies for the now declassified USB

During our business transactions we ran into fellow SCUL pilot
TheChef, and his friends CT and Blake. They invited us to join them on
Thompson Island. They managed to secure passage on a nebula class
vessel to cross the Boston Harbor Nebula, large enough for all the
SCUL ships and pilots. despite our heavy payload it was an offer we
couldn't refuse.

We traveled to the Chinatown Subsystem and secured USB Abandon All
Hope, and spare cargo at Space Station Chef. We met up with MRI there,
and he joined us on the journey. SIH HiLo was immediately put into
action, for it was a ship more suitable for the itinerary on the island.

The journey across the nebula was like nothing SCUL had ever
experienced, nor expected. We landed on Thompson Island and shuttled
our ships off the nebula transport. Space travel on the island was
slow but pleasant, dirt paths and sand.

Our new destination was reached soon thereafter. A swim in the Boston
Harbor Nebula was both refreshing and disgusting. The water was a bit
slimy and filled with jellyfish. Soon they became fodder for a
friendly fight. I guess we all lost.

To make a long mission report short we made it back to base, TheChef
volunteering to haul cargo with us back to fort Francis, then cooking
dinner for us. He then borrowed the services of USB EZ Raider to
return to his home. TheChef later messenger for the day on EZ Raider,
the first report of a chopper to perform such services.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Crack Greed 430.333   Commander
Dead By Dawn Ez Raider 110.097   Petty Officer Third Class
Drillbit Chrome Pony 0   Pilot
Flasher Lust 171.866   Petty Officer First Class
MegaSeth Fall From Grace 753.26   Commander
Mucus Sky King 0   Pilot
NoWay Colostomos 418.661   Commander
Skunk Abandon All Hope 1118.78   Admiral, Fleet Ready
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Taskforce Pilot

Mission Parameters

Mission Size 8 pilots
OriginFort Francis
DestinationSullivan Constellation
Light Years23.700
G-Well Activity4.223
Technical Rating4.403