Status: Destroyed

USB Sky King

Sky King is the first High Altitude Recon Vehicle of the SCUL fleet, which means it was poorly designed and hastily constructed. Nonetheless it served the fleet well and was quite popular, known best by pilots for floppy gooey helm and a true sense of euphoria. If you think your mountain bike handlebars are wide you haven't been subject to being snuggles by two tractor trailers on the highway while flying the Sky King. Pilots are very proud when they manage to get Hi-Fives without knocking toupees off. Once known for a paint job consisting of clouds at the bottom and stars on top.

Sky King was the ship we learned the flying mount, the standard way pilots launch tall bikes today. Before that, we'd have to find something to climb up and do a pushing start of the ship, which is more terrifying than the normal way.

Over time the help had too many failures to keep in service so Skunk took all the good parts off and shed a tear as he watched the frame get munched by a garbage truck the next morning, regretting its undignified death to this day. However the fork lives on in USB Sloth, and the mighty helm in DMC Chubz.


Light Years511.419
Thrust Rating7.89
Handling Rating1.34
Difficulty Rating8.76
Max Warp1

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull TypeA bit of civi ships
Chief EngineerSkunk
Christened on1997.06.19
Navi RetroNone
Primary RetroCoaster


2001.04.14   Constant Groovin' Gropo
2001.01.01   Bunker Chill Gossimar
2000.10.29   Hallowheels 20 Mucus
2000.09.09   Cutthroat Gropo
2000.09.09   Heavy Spacewalking Populations Gropo
2000.09.03   Heavy Spacewalking Populations Gropo
2000.08.12   It Was Working When We Left SWDM
2000.08.06   Mindy Milky Lone Wulfe
2000.07.22   Seige This Gropo
2000.07.15   Slummerville Mucus
2000.06.24   Pain Gossimar
2000.06.10   DBD BBQ Twisted Mike
2000.06.04   Siege The Castle TKM
2000.04.01   April Fools Gropo
1999.12.31   Y2K Buggin NoWay
1999.11.02   Alpah-Hallowheels: Episode 1999 Mucus
1999.10.24   Drunken Colony Attack Gropo
1999.10.17   Drunken Colony Attack Gropo
1999.10.02   Phat Red Line Mucus
1999.09.25   Silver Scream Mucus
1999.09.12   Merchant Mission Mucus
1999.09.11   Quadraflat Lone Wulfe
1999.09.05   Treasure Hunt SWDM
1999.08.29   Blunt Facial Trauma SWDM
1999.08.22   AquariAss SWDM
1999.08.18   Altercation MRI
1999.08.08   Severed Baby Head NoWay
1999.07.17   NebulaHunt 2 NoWay
1999.06.27   Hot Chrome And Blood NoWay
1999.06.27   Merchant Marine Mucus
1999.06.20   This Sucks I Can't Believe It's Taking So Long NoWay
1998.07.19   MIT Flea Market Skunk
1998.05.15   Go-NoGo Skunk
1998.04.19   Bobcat Split Skunk
1998.04.17   Dilly Dally Skunk