Status: Failure


Blunt Facial Trauma

Two destinations were originally set. The first one was a colony in the Jamaica Plain System, however our delegate to the colony, Scratch, was not to be found. He was missing presumed dead and we set course for our second destination, the Midnight Ride in the Copley Constellation. This was the first mission in a while without any recruits, so we were quickly in our way.

Upon arrival of the convoy we quickly realized this was not our group. We were immediately barraged with technical questions about our ships, specifically the ergonomic purpose of our long forks. We were also told to lower the volume of RadioBag. Of course we would never surrender our sonic weapon to someone we don't even know. We decided to leave the convoy without SCUL military assistance and set course for a restaurant where Kung Fool's boyfriend was stationed for duty. After staying for a while we set course for parts unknown, FuelInjector navigating.

The first five Earth minutes were thrilling, a lot of quick turns into alleys and paves paths snaking through the buildings in the South End Subsystem. Then it happened.

USB Abandon All Hope attempted the bunny hop maneuver one too many times. The oldest active ship in SCUL snapped in a split second, throwing her pilot to the surface with tremendous force.

The rest of the battalion did not hesitate to jump into action. RadioBag was removed and subdued, and Skunk was laid down on the pavement, a tee shirt for a pillow. Friendly civilians immediately called for an ambulance.

Twenty minutes later the ambulance arrived. They were very friendly and quickly shuttle Skunk to Boston Space Medical Center, The Fleet Admiral's diagnosis was a broken nose, and some loose teeth, some road rash, a bruised ribcage, and a few facial lacerations requiring a couple half dozen stitches. Fleet Admiral Skunk was released at 7am Sunday and returned to base.

Let the record show that everyone in the SCUL battalion received BADDVIPS Medals of Valour for their quick actions, especially SCAB Worker Drone Michael, who stayed with the injured Fleet Admiral for the entire seven hours in the hospital. The chopper alliance between SCAB and SCUL is possibly the strongest in the universe.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Dead By Dawn Ez Raider 66.233  
Fuel Injector HiLo 83.7226   Petty Officer First Class
Kung Fool Pale Horse 108.947   Senior Chief Petty Officer
MegaSeth Fall From Grace 277.824   Admiral
Mucus Mjollnir 241.07   Petty Officer Second Class
Skunk Abandon All Hope 286.778   Admiral, Fleet Ready
SWDM Sky King 275.604   Petty Officer First Class
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Taskforce Pilot

Mission Parameters

Mission Size 7 pilots
OriginFort Francis
DestinationColony Jamaica Plain System
Light Years13.310
G-Well Activity1.882
Technical Rating4.439