Status: Success



Mild radiation was present again, but it was not going to stop us. A large percentage of this mission were recruits, however they were quick to learn protocol and we launched without any trouble. A few tried the dizzying heights of USB Sky King, some crash landed and some flew successfully. SCAB Worker Drone Michael, an ambassador from SCAB (Skids Constructing Apocalyptic Bicycles) decided on USB Sky King for the mission, and impressive first choice.

We took our traditional flight path through the Harvard and central Constellations, arriving at a sculpture at the MIT and Lechmere area. We had our first dogfight involving obstacles there. The sculptures slowed down the fleet, providing an interesting new twist on the game. We left after the game was finished, ad we set course for the Allston System in search of fuel. We landed at Luna DD's in the Brighton System and traded with the merchants for coffee and donuts.

From there we headed back to base, with a quick stop for another derby at the Luna Arsenal Mall. Speeds were much higher due to open space. It was quite fun.

Additional Note: This was a record for the largest battalion to engage in a high radiation mission.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Flasher Trez Bonz 106.754   Master Chief Petty Officer
Frankenstein SIH 126.822   Aviator First Class
Kung Fool Pale Horse 86.2444   Chief Petty Officer
Mauler Centvrion 75.9041   Aviator
Megadeath SIH 0   Pilot
MegaSeth Fall From Grace 224.824   Vice Admiral
Mucus Lust 84.707   Aviator First Class
Scratch Ez Raider 53.2654   Aviator
Shorty HiLo 70.8332   Aviator
Skunk Abandon All Hope 231.286   Admiral, Fleet Ready
SWDM Sky King 218.192   Petty Officer Third Class
WalTor Insanity 154.849   Master Chief Petty Officer
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Taskforce Pilot

Mission Parameters

Mission Size 12 pilots
OriginFort Francis
Light Years10.440
G-Well Activity2.554
Technical Rating3.452