Status: Posi

UGH Krypteau Abyssmaul

Meownderthal wanted a battleship with a longer fork, and so called upon his father, a great welder, and all around master of metals. Together they worked to create such a ship. The fork was deemed too weak, and so they added braces to each leg. Krypteau Abyssmaul's defense and strength are incredibly high, with almost all of the hull comprised of chromoly steel. Other features include a hydraulic primary retro, and carbon fiber cranks. Krypteau, like many fighters, is prone to primary-thruster-only travel, otherwise known as wheelies. Currently painted a variety of neon colors, and hard to miss.


Light Years140.963
Thrust Rating8.485
Handling Rating7.778
Difficulty Rating5.878
Max Warp11

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull TypeDeep space vessel
Chief EngineerMeownderthal
OriginDonor hull, derelicts/space trash
Christened on2023.04.01
Navi RetroNone
Primary RetroDisc