Status: Posi

JVH Hippogriff

This ship is red. It is Leotard's lightweight ride and has flown 5 centuries at this writing (4 Leo 1 Wombat). It frequently hosts a radiobox including subwooofer and has plenty of bounce to the ounce.

After several seasons in deep storage, in 2021 it was re-forged with a fork was plucked from the wreckage of Danimal's Megas-TuTu.

This ship causes the pilot to be accosted by sundry food with notions about "Skullies", "The Sculs" and suchlike fictitious entities. Deny nothing, explain nothing.


Light Years1135.924
Thrust Rating8.947
Handling Rating7.218
Difficulty Rating4.09
Max Warp6

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull TypeRoss Griffon
Chief EngineerLeotard
OriginPlaya debris
Christened on2008.11.09
LocationFort Madison
Navi RetroNone
Primary RetroSide-pull Caliper


2024.07.06   Belated Punchy Day Leotard
2024.05.25   Night Tour Leotard
2023.11.11   Plymouth Pilgrimage: Century 2023 Cosima
2023.10.28   Hallowheels '23 Leotard
2023.09.30   Starchaser Day XI Leotard
2023.09.16   Left Turns are for Lawyers Leotard
2023.08.26   Dr.Claw Day Oldskool Kool Leotard
2023.07.08   Ameri-can-Yeah! Leotard
2023.07.01   Myspace Your TikTok Leotard
2022.11.05   Tour de Forts: Life Day '22 Leotard
2022.10.29   Hallowheels 2022 Leotard
2022.10.15   Ocean State of Mind Wombat
2022.10.08   Ride, Relax, Enjoy (Skunk's Orbital Jam-bo-ree) Leotard
2022.10.01   One Hit Wonders Wombat
2022.09.24   Burning Bridges Wombat
2022.09.17   Flight of the Navigators Leotard
2022.09.10   CaSCULvania Leotard
2022.08.13   Glow Up: Tardis Edition Wombat
2022.08.06   Run Of The Mill Wombat
2022.07.30   Escape To Space Fountain Leotard
2022.07.23   Happy Birthday Amelia Earhart Leotard
2020.04.18   Intergalactic Dance Party Leotard
2020.04.04   Alternamission Leotard
2015.10.03   Skunk Day '15 Leotard
2015.09.12   Hullabaloo Leotard
2014.09.20   Hullraiser, Century 2014 Leotard
2013.09.28   Live Free and Fly: Century 2013 Leotard
2013.09.07   Back 2 SCUL Leotard
2013.05.18   Luna Libros Leotard
2012.10.13   Century 2012 Leotard
2011.10.22   Bells Angels Leotard
2010.05.15   Standard Ops To JP System Leotard
2010.04.24   Toolz Leotard
2009.10.10   Treasure Hunt II: Electric Boogaloo Maestro
2009.08.15   Insidious Perfection DeCaf