Status: Success


Starchaser Day XI

Mission Objectives

  • Reaffirm our alliance with Starmada Command
  • Fill and bury a time capsule in a TOP SECRET location with all the pomp and circumstance of our first official mission
  • Stop for snax!!!

Mission Summary

13 SCUL Prime pilots made the trek down to the Secret Sector this drizzly early fall evening in celebration of the 11th anniversary of the founding of the Starchaser Division. A healthy turnout arrived at the shiny like-new Fort Union to preflight and prep for the mission ahead. On the launchpad, Civitron delivered a rousing speech about being brave and venturing into space, and then that's exactly what we did.

There were a number of mechanicals right out of the gate, which were all swiftly handled and cleared. Behind the resolute navigation of Nebula, we reembarked on a Starchasers tour-de-forts of sorts, first visiting Fort Jennie Lind, and then the recently decommissioned Fort Jonathan, where a gleaming time capsule was loaded with sentimental items and "buried" for future Starchasers to unearth. After a brief appearance by Ladytron and the Portuguese Village Dogs, and some shoreleave for inter-divisional conversating, we again departed, bidding adieu to Sad Cow for the night, and setting course to perform multiple tight orbits of the old Buttonwood Park launchpad.

We next made landfall at the Cumberland Farms refueling station, where snacks were procured amid a parade of interesting and interested characters while pilots huddled under the slight eaves in hopes of avoiding radiation. Here Civitron christened the newest Starchaser ship, Vox Populi, which was built from random salvaged parts from the scrap pile and had been decorated with slogans and maxims by visitors at a recent community outreach event.

With the radiation intensifying, Nebula made a beeline back toward the fort, with one additional mechanical briefly slowing us down a block away from the landing pad. Civitron conducted closing ceremonies before a growing crowd of civilian onlookers shortly before midnight, with a special bonus knighting of freshly-minted pilot Smae, whom we readily welcome into our hallowed ranks. With all objectives complete, Civitron declared mission success and resolved to do it again next year, same bat time, same bat place.

• Medal of Builder to Civitron for Vox Populi's first mechanical-free mission
• Medal of Diplomacy to Civitron for recruiting Smae and nurturing her to pilothood
• Medal of Patronage to Punchy for wrangling a full clip of pre-mission grenades
• Medal of Valor to Nebula for ferrying us safely through irradiated space on her first mission as navigator
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
AceHole Temerity 136.29  
BaneThunderwolf Trinity 257.78  
Beatleman Hook 136.29   Pilot
Bowser Porphyrios 324.038  
Civitron Starfire 935.28   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
Cosima Lucifer 106.661  
Dipper Voluptuous 0  
Diva Silver King 265.205  
DrClaw Skywarp 192.593  
Leotard Hippogriff 140.899   Petty Officer First Class
Mad Owl My F.E.N.Y.S. 576.929   Master Chief Petty Officer
Meownderthal Krypteau Abyssmaul 295.353  
Nebula Nu the Navigator 306.191   Petty Officer Third Class
Peach The Lone Worcesketeer 86.29   Aviator First Class
Punchy Goro 73.7074  
Red Squirrel Sugar Glider 252.347   Senior Chief Petty Officer
SadCow Rodeo Clown 118.361  
Skunk Syntax Error 318.818  
Smae Vox Populi 26.9907   Pilot
Threespeed Burning Chrome 143.635  
Wombat Artemis 231.661  
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Taskforce Pilot
Life Support 7 Leotard
Mission Leader Civitron
Deck Officer Mad Owl
Gate Attendant Mad Owl
Navigator Nebula
Tailgunner Red Squirrel
Emblem Designer Civitron
Com-Sat 1 Diva
Com-Sat 2 Threespeed
Tool Bag Meownderthal
Flat Bag Bowser
Ambassador AceHole
Starchasers - Fun Bag Skunk
Starchasers - Laser Bag Skunk
Still Cam DrClaw
Airlock Civitron
Life Support 1 Civitron
Life Support 2 BaneThunderwolf
Life Support 3 Skunk
Life Support 4 Beatleman
Life Support 5 SadCow
Life Support 6 Mad Owl
Mission Pinner Nebula
Mission Debriefer Wombat
Mission Reporter Wombat
Wingmate 01 Civitron
Wingmate 02 Mad Owl

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderCivitron
Mission Size 21 pilots
OriginFort Union
DestinationThe Future
Light Years7.640
G-Well Activity1.214
Technical Rating0.764