Status: Success


eXtremo™ Nameless Day, 2006

Mission Objectives

derby derby derby
work on our maneuvering skills
consume snacks

Mission Summary

Yay Nameless! Yay crashes! Over and over and over again! Crash Crash Crash! We travelled through the Harvard and Central Constellations, encountered many bizarre EarthHumans (who, of course, were in awe of our superior technology), and learned that sometimes, Dillweed can suddenly teleport far, far away, but can rarely teleport back. Crash Crash Crash.

We pretended that Nameless was dead, and outlined him in chalk. Our antics attracted the attention of some rather friendly food, some of whom hung out and chatted ShipTalk with us for quite a while (though the chatter was regularly interrupted with their oohs and ahhs at the fantastic collisions right before their eyes). Snarly braved the cold, Grimlocke questioned the cylinder, and we all proved that we can't stop 'til you get enough. AceHole demonstrated his prowess at detonating oxygen tanks, and Spooky demonstrated his skill at replacing them. The EarthLocals gawked as we ate cookies while Ktron, CaptainUnderpants, Triumphus, and FlyBot sang songs about bikes.

BabyMaggots were:

Feet (CaptainUnderpants)

FlyBot (Ktron)

Devo (Triumphus)

Pilot Ship Points Promotion
AceHole Compliance 394.4   Commander
Appleseed Pleasant Buzz 127.767  
Blipblipbeep Greed 263.764   Lieutenant Junior Grade
Captain Underpants Delirium 983.357   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Devo Ooh La La 99.8367   Aviator
dillweed 100Hz 179.035  
Doozer Doctor Love 298.562   Petty Officer Third Class
Evil Twin Annihilation 311.627   Lieutenant
Exon Anger 163.734   Master Chief Petty Officer
Feet Curb Burner 137.277   Aviator First Class
GRIMLOCKE Ez Raider 131.665  
Iscariot Darkendank 288.927   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Kaibosch Famine 108.122   Senior Chief Petty Officer
ktron Redemption 252.962   Ensign
Mars Visa 524.825  
Masokist Toxic Shock 563.406   Vice Admiral
Nameless Mmh (tap) Mmh (tap) 247.002  
Nosepicker Centvrion 244.737  
Percentin Pride 244.826   Chief Petty Officer
princess Sloth 62.9609   Aviator
RockStar Holy Molar 192.593   Aviator First Class
Rotwang Vertigo 251.328   Commander
Snarly Mjollnir 212.081   Chief Petty Officer
Spooky Pale Horse 164.324   Captain
Trisignata Circus Peanut 126.944   Aviator First Class
Triumphus Abandon All Hope 429.564   Master Chief Petty Officer
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Nameless
Navigator Nosepicker
Tailgunner AceHole
Filmer Captain Underpants

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderNameless
Mission Size 26 pilots
OriginFort Summer
DestinationDerby Central
Light Years12.135
G-Well Activity2.954
Technical Rating1.969