Status: Success


Skunk Day

Mission Objectives

*wear your colors
*wear your insignia
*know your rank
*have a bell on your ship and be ready to use it!

Mission Summary

Pilots assembled at the fort to begin preparation in less-than-somber
tones for the ritual Skunk Day. Raucous greetings and crab rangoons
were exchanged in the fort living room as pilots signed in.
Babymaggot PeteyWheatstraw and nugget turned maggot Visigoth were
appropriately tarred and feathered and run through other various
intro-initiation rites.
Headcrash led us through the star systems while Twitch brought up the
rear, and nostpicker managed to run off to relieve himself in almost
every alley we paused at. I hear this is a particular skill honed by
his experience at his post.
Our procession through the Cambridge system consisted of much
observance of the rites of chopper groove, an event which was a bit of
a preview for a disco rollerboogie. We managed to instill an urge for
butt wiggling among the earth humans we passed on the streets. Also,
many cups were ritually sacraficed, Moose sometimes doubling back or
challenging curbs and cars in order to really show those vessels
what's what.
We managed to approach those spinny things again, and this time people
rode choppers around it. It's not surprising. It was only a matter
of time before pilots decided to involve their ships in this
puke-inducing maneuver. Actually, I believe puke was not induced, but
there was some mention of nausea. That's almost good enough, right?

Pilots then joined forces to scribe some amazing stories of the mad
libs tradition. Many potty words were used, and some pilots laughed
hard enough to cry in pain. Q gave us the best rendition of the 3
little pigs that I've ever heard. Nosepicker showed off his inability
to write. Everyone showed off their ability to verbize or adjectivate
words (see, i can do it too!).
On our way out there was a pretty interesting mechanical... Loki
Ducker tangled with Ivory Tower and the plasma casing cargo bay was
torn right off. The jolt of the ship collision wasn't too bad, but the
hissing noise of plasma being sucked out the cargo bay caused all
involved to realize something was very wrong. UglySac and Pywaket
managed to make things all better, and we surprisingly had the right
size tube even though the flat bag labelling didn't actually look like
we did. Who'd have thought?
While the mechanical was attended to, remaining pilots tried to create
more need for technical prowess by engaging in some super speedy
round-the-rotary derby. I don't know why pecan felt the need to chalk
the ground, but it was excellent watching her leap out of the way of
an oncoming ship.
We moved on, we grooved, we went some places, we got some food, fuel
was dumped, and everyone seemed pretty alright. The Fleet Admiral
seemed to approve as some of the pilots even read the mailing and had
a bit of an idea what the requirements were of the evening, huzzah!
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
AceHole Temerity 156.91  
BaneThunderwolf Curb Burner 1227.8   Vice Admiral
Buckminister Summer 479.486   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
dillweed Pride 198.752  
Dishpan Color Wheel 190.452  
Dr HeadCrash Compliance 4392.41   Admiral, Fleet Ready
eHawk Devastation 570.647  
Leotard Lazarus 1355.66  
magneato Bonnie & Clyde 292.611   Admiral, Fleet Ready
moose Loki Ducker 460.036  
Nosepicker MSH2kBH 363.833  
pecan Darkendank 283.71  
Petey Wheatstraw D.B. Cooper 0   Pilot
pywaket Ivory Tower 1100.01  
Quandary Annihilation 244.914   Petty Officer First Class
Samurai Heartbreaker 150.817  
Skunk Cloudbuster 875.489  
Socket Famine 0  
steerpike Pestilence 159.613   Petty Officer Third Class
Twitch Delirium 293.876  
UglySac $2 Drafts! 137.798  
Visigoth War 155.801   Aviator First Class
ZombiePhD Ooh La La 331.448  
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Skunk
Deck Officer eHawk
MRC Officer Skunk
Navigator Dr HeadCrash
Tailgunner Twitch
Tool Bag pywaket
Flat Bag eHawk
Medi Bag Dishpan
Ambassador Petey Wheatstraw
Chalk Bag pecan
Still Cam steerpike
Airlock Nosepicker
Life Support 1 BaneThunderwolf
Life Support 2 Skunk
Damage Control BaneThunderwolf
Minister of Zoobs Leotard
Mission Reporter eHawk
Compressor Wrangler ZombiePhD
Radio Wrangler Dr HeadCrash
Sentry BaneThunderwolf
Skynet Operator Pre eHawk

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderSkunk
Mission Size 23 pilots
OriginFort Summer
Light Years13.247
G-Well Activity1.222
Technical Rating3.666