Status: Success


One Wet Pilot

The fleet set out in search of our favorite watering hole. Dr. Claw
navigated the gang through busy streets, crazy intersections, and up
suburban hills that never had a down hill.

Hot and tired, we dismounted and dragged our ships through a forest
over moon rocks and fallen space trees. We arrived at our destination
and ripped our clothes off with excitement. Down slippery sharp
gravel and logs we made it to the black abyss. A few buddied up and
swam out while others played with chickens and splashed around.
Wombat and Steerpike performed aquatic acrobatics to the delight of a
handful of onlookers.

Acehole stumbled upon some ultra baby space poop. Retard took one for
the team and flew it to a proper facility.

After lots of tea, talk, nudity, and fun, we set back out to find
some grub. The second we got out of the forest, everyone got
mechanicals. Ahhhh!!! J/k, we fooled you.

In flight Wombat accidentally took an INTENTIONAL false turn. We all
warned him of his fate. About a lightyear down and he was stuck in
another dimension. With many muscles we threw Greed and Wombat over
the space time continuum. Posi!

Luna CVS, here we come! We fled inside and bought crazy amounts of
crazy snacks. There was an annoying beeping sound inside. What was up
with that? Half the crew took off into the dark to find dumpster
treats and trash flowers. We ate til we couldn't wait another second
to derby.

Nearby quarters gave us some awesome playing grounds. Of course,
Nosepicker dominated most of the competition with frustrating ease.
With a few champions and a long night, we headed back to the fort.
Bane Thunderwolf flew back with pride and a few bruises. (BAMF)

Old legend says that there was ice cream and ramen noodles on this
night. There is no actual evidence of these events. I guess we'll
never know...
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
AceHole Temerity 242.87   Chief Petty Officer
BaneThunderwolf Annihilation 525.507   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
DeathTrap Moneypenny 597.996   Commander
DrClaw One Night Stand 549.861  
eXceSs Chutes & Ladders 466.33   Captain
hackworth Torpor 1160.21  
Leotard Lazarus 712.463  
metoikos Mjollnir 360.88   Commander
Nosepicker Redemption 383.056   Commodore
Piranha Raw Deal 584.87   Captain
Skunk Cloudbuster 565.329  
steerpike Pale Horse 441.436   Ensign
Treekiller Mad Rabbit 800.066   Vice Admiral
vomit Famine 400.283  
Wombat Greed 442.643   Rear Admiral, Upper Half
yt Secret Asian SCULly 220.39   Vice Admiral
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Skunk
Deck Officer Leotard
Gate Attendant Leotard
MRC Officer hackworth
Navigator DrClaw
Tailgunner eXceSs
Com-Sat 1 Treekiller
Tool Bag Wombat
Flat Bag Nosepicker
Medi Bag BaneThunderwolf
Wookiee Bag metoikos
Ambassador steerpike
Chalk Bag Skunk
Still Cam vomit
Airlock BaneThunderwolf
Life Support 1 Leotard
Damage Control Leotard
Mission Reporter Piranha
Compressor Wrangler BaneThunderwolf
Filmer hackworth
Food Wrangler hackworth

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderSkunk
Mission Size 16 pilots
OriginFort Tyler
DestinationRadiation therapy
Light Years16.791
G-Well Activity4.128
Technical Rating1.864