Status: Success


Back In The Saddle

Mission Objectives

create and launch paper airplanes
avoid STs

Mission Summary

Two maggots showed up for this mission: GluteousMaximus and Archer. We also had some ship christenings, Asher built a tallbike from conduit and hose clamps called VWBeetle. Sideshow chopped out a Stingray and Skunk introduced USB HoleyMolar, a true showpiece. The fleet was led by Sideshow through the Cambridge and Somerville systems. In constellation Davis we encountered PigPen who joined us on her civiship. We all headed on through the Harvard and Central constellations and finally stopped at a field to launch model aircraft. Bushido removed his spacesuit much to everyone's surprise. As we couldn't very well pretend not to know him, we decided to suit up and leave for a new location before STs caught on. We decided to derby and headed to a small arena near the library. A transport was parked, and after five minutes, two civilians peered out from inside of the car. Interested in the commotion, an ST did a surveillance of the arena, but continued on. We decided to quick derby before his return. NoWhere and TwistedMike were out pretty quickly. Maggot Archer remained in for sometime until he finally lost his ribbon. It came down to NoWay and Sideshow. The two collided and crashed simultaneously. They share the derby win. Upon completion of the derby, we left quickly to avoid further ST contact. We fueled up on food molecules at a nearby luna and headed for the fort.
Pilot Ship Points Promotion
Archer Pig Champion 205.394   Petty Officer Third Class
Asher VWBeetle 266.629   Lieutenant Junior Grade
Bushido Summer 394.382   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Cosine Trez Bonz 188.921   Aviator First Class
Crash Spooky Pirate 230.39   Petty Officer First Class
Diva Incineraider 609.391   Lieutenant
Flipper Lust 124.82   Aviator First Class
Gluteus Maximus Circus Peanut 872.701   Master Chief Petty Officer
Lefty Lucy Holy Molar 255.268   Chief Petty Officer
Maddog George Dilboy 118.349   Petty Officer Second Class
Monkeyboy Skylab 212.552   Petty Officer First Class
NoWay Jan Brady 209.073   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Nowhere Executive 42.6112   Pilot
Rotwang Pale Horse 354.164   Lieutenant
Side Show Doh Jim Bike 422.853   Lieutenant Junior Grade
Skunk Catastrophe 865.665   Commodore
TorqueBox Scrub 291.458   Petty Officer Second Class
Trackstar Mjollnir 274.206   Petty Officer First Class
Twisted Mike Annihilation 212.875   Petty Officer Third Class
vomit Abandon All Hope 626.747   Lieutenant Junior Grade
WalTor Singularity 658.027   Lieutenant
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Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Skunk
Deck Officer Diva
Navigator Side Show Doh
Tailgunner WalTor
Tool Bag Gluteus Maximus
Medi Bag Cosine
Life Support 1 Skunk
Mission Debriefer Diva
Mission Reporter Diva
Filmer Diva

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderSkunk
Mission Size 21 pilots
OriginFort Summer
Destinationhigh fives
Light Years11.630
G-Well Activity2.246
Technical Rating1.901