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Omegamission / Life Day 2018

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On the first Saturnight in November, SCUL took a victory lap to round out a fantastic 22nd season with hugs, snax, celebrations, and snot rockets. (Hey, it was cold out). Several bombers were in attendance, doing chauffeur duty for temporarily injured pilots RadMax and LordMcfuzz. Careful - once you get used to being a bombardier it’s hard to go back! How else can you fly a mission and still take care of important business like texting, eating, and spotting trash? Is it still steering dampener if you’re not steering?

But I digress…

22 Pilots turned out in their finest bundles of layers, except for Wombat who wore shorts of course. Epsilon navigated the fleet on a direct path to our customary secret ceremonial grounds, with Red Squirrel as our stalwart tailgunner. We boogied down and noshed on homemade treats, and in short order it was time to hand out medals of appreciation. Some were clever, some were beautiful, some were half-assed, but they were all brilliant in their own way!

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Stogie: books for Wombat, Bane, 3speed, Skunk [...]
Snow: recorder for Antlers
Excess: Big Eyes, Bigger Heart for RadMax
Bane Thunderwolf: missions pins for team Lithuania
Antlers: handmade spoke cards for Skunk, RadMax, Dr. Claw, Tanager, Manta Ray [...]
Tard: Glass tiles for Acehole, Wombat, Dr. Claw, 3Speed, Tanager, RadMax
Rocket: glow-in-the-dark rockets for Lord McFuzz, Dead Bride, Pastry Queen [...]
Red Squirrel: talismans for Skunk, RadMax, Dr Claw, Dead Bride, and helping hands to PQ and Lord McFuzz
Dead Bride: bollard to Lord McFuzz, trash can to Tard, mini chair to Red Squirrel, spoke cards to double-doodoo centurions
Threespeed: tiara to Pastry Queen, Glass Cog to Tard
RadMax: hand-drawn portraits of all the pilots who signed her get-well card

Finally, it was time for Skunk to hand out the cogs. The gang raised a mighty cheer for Stone Cogs Tanager, Epsilon, and Boost. Bronze Cogs were awarded to Rocket, Couscous, and Shadowcat. Last but not least, Skunk recited the Ode to the Iron Cogs, as is tradition, with excellent new verses in celebration of (and poking gentle fun at) Lord Mcfuzz, who claimed this year's honor. Hip Hip HOORAY!

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Ode to the Iron Cogs 2018

In ‘96 (96) Skunk started a gang
in order to have some people to hang
then Crack (98) came along and believed in Skunk
she actually showed up and rode all that junk
NoWay (99) rode with unstoppable vigor
which made our numbers 50% bigger
WalTor earned it for Y2K no doubt
He lives and dies by my command: until it’s time to take me out.
In 2001 the honor was Vomit’s
She made a home for the fort -- well above and beyond it.
It happened to Diva in 2002
Living litmus test for the chopper groove
The same year, MegaSeth earned his pips
the beauty of his code rivaled only by his ships
In 2003 we gave it to Moose
A pilot and a friend who helps us deduce
Moose was happy to share his year with Rotwang
An easy rider and a boon to the gang.
Nameless builds ships as tough as a hog
2004 was his year for the cog.
ThreeSpeed (05) saves the mission with excellent grace,
We made up new medals to keep up with his pace
Hapto (06) shows us the meaning of Chic,
Tiara! Tiara! Flight-paths unfit for the weak.
Ehawk’s (08) award night we’ll never forget
Though I suspect her hangover’s one she regrets.
Nosepicker (08) got it by traveling through time.
Shut up! (nosepicker nosepicker nosepicker)
Leotard’s (09) the one who lets the admiral know
It’s time to ride: the crew wants to go
How can you begin to measure Hack’s worth (10)
Revolutionary master of organized work.
Yt (11) is awesome at keeping the books
Jedi-level hooping with the stylishest of looks
No one more stalwart than our friend Treekiller (12)
Always a hugger and never a quitter
A tiger run over by a horse has his mane underhoof,
Oh and by the way -- 2013’s iron cog belongs to: Baaaaaaaaaaane Thunderwolf
Computio audio photeo geek -
demoscener Dr.Claw (14) does it all for his friends in the fleet.
Skin tight spandex of incredible dayglow,
Civitron (15) is the very essence of hero.
Excess (16) never stops, he’s an unstoppable force,
The right attitude and strong as a horse.
One thing that can be said ‘bout Dead Bride,
The harder the mission, the better the ride.
A ball of pure energy, and a full-on fun mission leader,
None take on Pasrty Queen ‘cause none could defeat her.
All these pilots we’ll always remember
We never give up - never surrender!
As this poem grows longer and longer
The stamina of Life Day pilots must get incremently stronger.
So of all you superstars of the ‘18 crew
Listen up cause I’m talking at you!

I’ll tell you right now and I tell you no lies,
That it seems that many times when we fly
i spy a unidentified fuzzy object in the corner of my eye,
sometimes he’s way up high,
but in bunny ears and oh-my!
do you think he’d chaffe up his thighs?
But later at the fort I stop on by
and to my surprise SCUL has restocked supplies
swept down low and dusted up high
So I take a look at the net of sky
take a look at the roster and let out a cry -
This fuzzy point hoover gots more points than I!
Some of us vets are ready to cry!
But you know what, let’s put that aside
and admit to ourselves he’s is a heck of a guy
He really does go the extra mile
doesn’t matter when, doesn’t matter why,
he cares for the fellow gang members and allys
This pilot is worthy and deserving - it can’t be denied!
So I do ask of SCUL to hereby let fly
your very best, proudest and loudest 2018 Iron Cog Lord McFuzz battle cry!

Stone Cogs:

Bronze Cogs:

Iron Cog:

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Pilot Ship Points Promotion
AceHole Temerity 184.226   Ensign
Antlers Chastity 180.148  
BaneThunderwolf Summer 147.34  
Dead Bride Strangelove (Bombardier) 181.807  
DrClaw Shockwave 316.733  
Epsilon Sloth 165.42  
eXceSs El Guapo 465.133   Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Johnny Five Bieber Fever 133.715   Senior Chief Petty Officer
Kpafun Civilian Ship 16.6452  
Leotard Trinity 255.077  
Lordmcfuzz Barf Bag (Bombardier) 209.249  
Pastry Queen Barf Bag 59.7729  
RadMax Star Hustler (Bombardier) 56.2675  
Red Squirrel Curb Burner 163.228   Ensign
Rocket 88 408.29  
Shadowcat Mousetrap 303.177  
Skunk Cloudbuster 399.807  
Snow Deep Blue Dream 75  
Stogie Chubz 132.784  
Tanager D.B. Cooper 355.404  
Threespeed Strangelove 99.5519  
Wombat Star Hustler 122.426  
Pilots must be logged in to see the briefing.
Taskforce Pilot
Mission Leader Skunk
Deck Officer Lordmcfuzz
Gate Attendant Tanager
MRC Officer eXceSs
Navigator Epsilon
Tailgunner Red Squirrel
Com-Sat 1 Rocket
Tool Bag Snow
Flat Bag Wombat
Medi Bag Johnny Five
Wookiee Bag Leotard
Ambassador Antlers
Chalk Bag AceHole
Still Cam Tanager
Airlock Rocket
Recycler Epsilon
Life Support 1 Skunk
Life Support 2 Leotard
Life Support 3 DrClaw
Life Support 4 Rocket
Damage Control DrClaw
Minister of Zoobs DrClaw
Mission Pinner Dead Bride
Mission Reporter Dead Bride
Stellar Cartographer eXceSs
Cleaner Shadowcat
Compressor Wrangler Threespeed

Mission Parameters

Mission LeaderSkunk
Mission Size 22 pilots
OriginFort Tyler
Light Years8.000
G-Well Activity0.123
Technical Rating0.522