Status: Posi

FUR Deep Blue Dream

Smooth as a porpoise, fast as a cheetah, agile as an ocelot. 21 warp speeds, 700 mm primary thruster, 26 in navigational thruster, sparkly ultramarine, tons of fun!


Light Years1071.465
Thrust Rating9.5
Handling Rating8
Difficulty Rating1.6
Max Warp20

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull TypeSchwinn Searcher cromoly steel
Chief EngineerSnow
Origina space junk pile on the side of Columbia street
Christened on2016.06.18
LocationFort Washington
Navi Retro
Primary RetroLinear-pull


2023.08.18   Camping Spacecamp Three-Day 'Tour' Snow
2023.05.27   Good Morning, Good Morning! Snow
2023.05.13   Bounce It! Snow
2023.05.06   ChatGPT SNAFU Snow
2023.04.15   (r)Ode to the Barnacle Snow
2023.04.01   Fools' Folly Flights: Alphamission '23 Snow
2022.10.29   Hallowheels 2022 Snow
2022.09.10   CaSCULvania Snow
2022.09.03   Uchill on the Uwormhole without Uhaul Snow
2021.09.04   Taco Party! Snow
2021.08.14   Summerween Snow
2021.08.07   Nyte Moves Snow
2020.10.31   Vortex-20 Snow
2019.11.09   Omegamission 19 Snow
2019.11.02   Hallowheels 19 Snow
2019.10.26   Border Patrol Snow
2019.06.15   A Hyperspace Byway Too Far Snow
2019.06.08   The Sampler Snow
2019.04.13   Black Hole Snow
2019.04.06   Appalachiamission '19 Snow
2018.11.03   Omegamission / Life Day 2018 Snow
2018.10.06   Skunk Day: Episode 500 - A New Hope Snow
2018.06.30   Hot Night Squirt Gun Fight! Snow
2018.06.16   Double Dippin' Snow
2018.05.26   SCUL Day 22 Snow
2018.05.12   Persephone Calling Snow
2018.04.14   Dr. Dudley Snow
2018.04.07   Alohamission 2018 Snow
2017.09.02   Hypno Wormhole Snow
2017.08.26   By The Book Snow
2017.08.19   Unbirthday: A Mad Tea Party Snow
2017.08.12   Sons of Perseus Snow
2017.07.01   SCUL Day Observed Snow
2017.06.10   Cave-In Snow
2017.05.20   Eggscape To Poo Island Snow
2017.04.29   We're Smart, We'll Figure It Out Snow
2017.04.22   Creampuff Snow
2017.04.08   Z Axis Snow
2017.04.01   I'm Dreaming of a White Alphamission Snow
2016.11.05   Life Day 2016 Snow
2016.10.29   Hallowheel sooogoood Snow
2016.10.22   Poefection Snow
2016.10.15   Disco Funkatron Snow
2016.10.08   Skunk Day '16 Snow
2016.09.30   Voulez Vous Woohoo Part Deux Snow
2016.08.20   Ghost Train Snow
2016.08.06   A View To A Thrill Snow
2016.07.16   Salem's Lot Snow
2016.07.02   There Will Be Fireworks Snow
2016.06.25   Lickety Splat Snow
2016.06.18   Luna Libros IV: Satellites of Love Snow