Aviator First Class


Pilot Date2014.06.21
Total Light Years2,630.50
Current Experience814.94

Snow loves SCUL and the pilots who make it what it is! Never give up. NEVER SURRENDER!


Deck Officer4
Gate Attendant6
Com-Sat 14
Com-Sat 21
Tool Bag20
Flat Bag13
Medi Bag15
Wookiee Bag3
Chalk Bag4
Still Cam20
Life Support 31
Damage Control2
Minister of Zoobs2
Mission Pinner1
Compressor Wrangler6
Wingmate 011
Wingmate 021


Derby Win

Ships Built


Hosted BySkunk
Enlistment Date2013.12.16
Knighted ByLeotard
Pilot Date2014.06.21

Pilots Hosted

Service Record

Date Div Mission Ship
2024.07.13 MAD Be Cool Deep Blue Dream
2024.07.06 MAD Belated Punchy Day Deep Blue Dream
2024.05.25 MAD Night Tour Deep Blue Dream
2024.05.04 MAD May The Forks Be With You, And I'm All Outta Sp... Deep Blue Dream
2024.04.20 MAD Oh Dam, A Dam Ez Raider
2024.04.13 MAD Return to Classics Deep Blue Dream
2024.04.06 MAD Alpha-Mission D1S29 Deep Blue Dream
2023.11.11 MAD Plymouth Pilgrimage: Century 2023 Deep Blue Dream
2023.11.04 MAD Life Day: Omegamission '23 Deep Blue Dream
2023.10.28 MAD Hallowheels '23 Deep Blue Dream
2023.10.14 MAD The Pumpkin Spice Must Flow Deep Blue Dream
2023.08.20 MAD Spacecamp Three-Day 'Tour' Deep Blue Dream
2023.08.05 MAD Something in the Water Deep Blue Dream
2023.07.22 MAD SCULimpics-ish Deep Blue Dream
2023.07.08 MAD Ameri-can-Yeah! Deep Blue Dream
2023.06.17 MAD Spiral Bound Ez Raider
2023.05.27 MAD Good Morning, Good Morning! Deep Blue Dream
2023.05.13 MAD Bounce It! Deep Blue Dream
2023.05.06 MAD ChatGPT SNAFU Deep Blue Dream
2023.04.15 MAD (r)Ode to the Barnacle Deep Blue Dream
2023.04.01 MAD Fools' Folly Flights: Alphamission '23 Deep Blue Dream
2022.12.17 MAD Tour de Tiki (Tour De Tacky 2022) Ghost Ship
2022.10.29 MAD Hallowheels 2022 Deep Blue Dream
2022.09.10 MAD CaSCULvania Deep Blue Dream
2022.09.03 MAD Uchill on the Uwormhole without Uhaul Deep Blue Dream
2021.11.06 MAD Life Day Episode 2021 Civilian Ship
2021.09.04 MAD Taco Party! Deep Blue Dream
2021.08.14 MAD Summerween Deep Blue Dream
2021.08.07 MAD Nyte Moves Deep Blue Dream
2021.07.31 MAD Lawn Games Civilian Ship
2020.10.31 MAD Vortex-20 Deep Blue Dream
2019.11.09 MAD Omegamission 19 Deep Blue Dream
2019.11.02 MAD Hallowheels 19 Deep Blue Dream
2019.10.26 MAD Border Patrol Deep Blue Dream
2019.08.03 MAD Parable of the Pearacle Mad Rabbit
2019.06.15 MAD A Hyperspace Byway Too Far Deep Blue Dream
2019.06.08 MAD The Sampler Deep Blue Dream
2019.04.13 MAD Black Hole Deep Blue Dream
2019.04.06 MAD Appalachiamission '19 Deep Blue Dream
2018.11.03 MAD Omegamission / Life Day 2018 Deep Blue Dream
2018.10.06 MAD Skunk Day: Episode 500 - A New Hope Deep Blue Dream
2018.06.30 MAD Hot Night Squirt Gun Fight! Deep Blue Dream
2018.06.16 MAD Double Dippin' Deep Blue Dream
2018.05.26 MAD SCUL Day 22 Deep Blue Dream
2018.05.12 MAD Persephone Calling Deep Blue Dream
2018.04.14 MAD Dr. Dudley Deep Blue Dream
2018.04.07 MAD Alohamission 2018 Deep Blue Dream
2017.11.04 MAD Life Day 2017 Civilian Ship
2017.10.28 MAD Hallowheels 2017 Civilian Ship
2017.09.16 MAD Meskenas Mischief War
2017.09.09 MAD Bermuda Triangle Ez Raider
2017.09.02 MAD Hypno Wormhole Deep Blue Dream
2017.08.26 MAD By The Book Deep Blue Dream
2017.08.19 MAD Unbirthday: A Mad Tea Party Deep Blue Dream
2017.08.12 MAD Sons of Perseus Deep Blue Dream
2017.08.05 MAD Siren Song Mjollnir
2017.07.01 MAD SCUL Day Observed Deep Blue Dream
2017.06.10 MAD Cave-In Deep Blue Dream
2017.05.20 MAD Eggscape To Poo Island Deep Blue Dream
2017.04.29 MAD We're Smart, We'll Figure It Out Deep Blue Dream
2017.04.22 MAD Creampuff Deep Blue Dream
2017.04.08 MAD Z Axis Deep Blue Dream
2017.04.01 MAD I'm Dreaming of a White Alphamission Deep Blue Dream
2016.11.05 MAD Life Day 2016 Deep Blue Dream
2016.10.29 MAD Hallowheel sooogoood Deep Blue Dream
2016.10.22 MAD Poefection Deep Blue Dream
2016.10.15 MAD Disco Funkatron Deep Blue Dream
2016.10.08 MAD Skunk Day '16 Deep Blue Dream
2016.09.30 MAD Voulez Vous Woohoo Part Deux Deep Blue Dream
2016.09.10 MAD Space Camp Jr. Ez Raider
2016.08.20 MAD Ghost Train Deep Blue Dream
2016.08.06 MAD A View To A Thrill Deep Blue Dream
2016.07.23 MAD Castles In The Sand Ez Raider
2016.07.16 MAD Salem's Lot Deep Blue Dream
2016.07.02 MAD There Will Be Fireworks Deep Blue Dream
2016.06.25 MAD Lickety Splat Deep Blue Dream
2016.06.18 SCD Luna Libros IV: Satellites of Love Deep Blue Dream
2016.06.11 MAD Over, Under, Around, and Through Ez Raider
2016.06.04 MAD Twentieth Anniversary Fox El Guapo
2016.05.07 MAD Yer Mom Is So Chopped Catastrophe
2016.04.30 MAD Divine Comedy War
2016.04.23 MAD White Hole War
2016.04.16 MAD The Friendly Skies Ez Raider
2016.04.09 MAD B-Side War
2016.04.02 MAD Alfrescomission '16 Mjollnir
2015.11.07 MAD Omegamission 2015 War
2015.10.31 MAD Hallowheels 2015 Mjollnir
2015.10.24 MAD Back to the Castle Mjollnir
2015.10.17 MAD Warm Fuzzies Mjollnir
2015.10.10 SCD Woods Hole Century Ez Raider
2015.10.03 MAD Skunk Day '15 Ez Raider
2015.09.26 MAD Where's The Beef? Ez Raider
2015.09.12 MAD Hullabaloo Ez Raider
2015.09.05 MAD 'Real' Chopper Gang Milkrun Ez Raider
2015.08.15 MAD Cosmic Safari Ez Raider
2015.08.08 MAD Take 'er Easy Ez Raider
2015.08.01 MAD Newton Horizons Ez Raider
2015.07.25 SCD Styles Man-Dish Space Camp Ez Raider
2015.06.06 MAD Hey Nineteen: SCUL Day 2015 Mad Rabbit
2015.05.30 MAD StarBuck Rojerthat War
2015.05.23 MAD Photon Overdrive War
2015.04.25 MAD Chop Your Own Adventure Ez Raider
2015.04.18 MAD Cloaked in Cardboard War
2014.11.08 MAD Overtime: Omegamission '14 Ez Raider
2014.10.25 MAD Winter? SCULimpics '14 Civilian Ship
2014.09.20 MAD Hullraiser, Century 2014 Civilian Ship
2014.08.09 MAD Mind Trip Ez Raider
2014.07.19 MAD Ghost Ship Pestilence
2014.06.28 MAD Have Fun Storming The Castle (Island) Ez Raider
2014.06.21 MAD Operation Summer-ville Ez Raider
2014.06.14 MAD Barely Legal Ez Raider
2014.06.07 MAD Starship Mumtacular Ez Raider
2014.05.31 MAD All Aboard the SCUL Express! Ez Raider
2014.05.15 MAD Smiling in Salem Mad Rabbit
2014.05.10 MAD Rhubarb Memorial Ez Raider
2014.05.03 MAD Safety Dance Ez Raider
2014.04.05 MAD Alphonsemission '14 Ez Raider
Bronze Cog
Special Ops