Status: Posi

SKP Will Stutley

Late 70's Columbia cruiser found in new residence minus front end. Retained phony tank and head lamp. Carried to fort Francis on Sparky's left shoulder from Hyde Square. WalTor built the fork. It sports wald bearings, 20" white wall front wheel, reversed stem, low bars.
This chopper is a bit of a knee banger and has nasty litle cranks.


Light Years313.469
Thrust Rating2.004
Handling Rating3.991
Difficulty Rating6.444
Max Warp

Construction Data

Hull Material
Hull TypeColumbia Cruiser
Chief Engineer
Christened on2000.03.18
Navi Retro
Primary Retro


2006.09.23   We Accidentally Terminated An Earthling Sparky
2006.07.29   Subconscious Party Sparky
2003.10.11   Pump Up The Volume Nameless
2003.10.04   Skunk Day 03 Sparky
2003.06.28   Take The Plunge Sparky
2002.04.13   5000 Mile Mark Sparky
2001.08.11   Film Noir Sparky
2001.05.12   Shake Yer Booty Sparky
2001.05.05   Suicide Mission Sparky
2001.04.14   Constant Groovin' Sparky
2001.04.07   Aplhamission 21 Sparky
2000.10.29   Hallowheels 20 Sparky
2000.10.14   Moon Over Arboretum Sparky
2000.10.09   SCULimpics Night Games 20 Sparky
2000.10.07   SCULimpics Day Games 2000 Sparky
2000.10.01   Close-Up And Personal Sparky
2000.09.24   Where The Wind Blows Sparky
2000.08.19   Two Hundred Scale Miles Per Hour Sparky
2000.08.06   Mindy Milky Sparky
2000.06.10   DBD BBQ Sparky
2000.06.04   Siege The Castle Tank Girl
2000.05.20   19 Pilots Sparky
2000.04.24   Diplosplat Sparky
2000.04.16   Fudley Dudley Sparky
2000.04.09   Proving Ground Sparky
2000.04.01   April Fools Sparky