Aviator First Class


Pilot Date2024.06.15
Total Light Years87.91
Current Experience840.84

My superpowers are understanding, empathy, and being able to accept help from others.

I love SciFi, self improvement, I am on a quest to test the limits of understanding nature, and am amazed and happy to live in a time when so much discovery is happening all around us.

Currently I have watched and been fascinated by a documentary about organisms that can exploit quantum mechanical effects for things like navigation or even how plants are creating energy we all use from the sun.

Knighted as a Pilot of SCUL:
June 15th 2024.

This year I am really interested in how the future becomes the present, and the present becomes the past, biologically. From my perspective I feel like I am floating on the surface of a hyperobject, where in front of me (the future) are an infinite dimension of possibilities becoming ever so limited as it gets closer to my present, In the present moment I have choice based on my biological functions and environment, this becomes a single possibility behind me in the past reducing in dimension to a single point. The Big Bang. This seems really paradoxical as I feel like I am choosing my past and not my future, but it turns out to be be a bit of both. Sort of navigating it the best I can with what I am able to grasp or possibly warp.

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Gate Attendant1
Tool Bag1
Medi Bag2
Chalk Bag4
Mission Pinner4




Hosted ByDiva
Enlistment Date2024.05.18
Knighted ByeXceSs
Pilot Date2024.06.15

Service Record

Date Div Mission Ship
2024.07.06 MAD Belated Punchy Day Pale Horse
2024.06.15 MAD Infrastructure Appreciation Night D.B. Cooper
2024.06.08 MAD Recon Mission Echo Niner Zero Pale Horse
2024.06.01 MAD SCUL Day Episode '24 Pale Horse
2024.05.25 MAD Night Tour Pale Horse
2024.05.18 MAD Boot camp Pale Horse