Status: Posi

UGH Barbie Schmurda

Barbie Schmurda was Meownderthal's first ever HARV, and the first he'd ever flown. Made possible by the help of his father, Barbie Schmurda was actually built several years before Meownderthal had even thought of joining SCUL.

So far, Barbie has only flown 3 missions, but had plenty of lightyears flying solo before Meownderthal's enlistment. He hopes Barbie will last many many more adventures in space.

Currently, Barbie Schmurda is disassembled and undergoing some repairs and enhancements. Next will be a new paint job, a change of thrusters, and perhaps adding of more warp speeds. Barbie shall return soon.

Barbie has returned to service, and flew excellently on Something in the Water!

Barbie is stronger and more capable than ever, complete with hull fortifications, cursed doll head, lasers, and sonic disruptors.


Light Years140.796
Thrust Rating7.763
Handling Rating7.544
Difficulty Rating6.245
Max Warp5

Construction Data

Hull MaterialSteel
Hull TypeDeep space vessel, LaRS
Chief EngineerMeownderthal
OriginDerelict, retired civi
Christened on2022.10.22
Navi RetroNone
Primary RetroCoaster