Aviator First Class

Truck Stop

Pilot Date2023.06.20
Total Light Years136.06
Current Experience963.05

Came here looking for a positive community to desensitize the fear of piloting after being slapped by a truck in the outskirts. I hope to one day defeat the truck that hit me and eat all of its delicious cargo (probably hotdogs)


Com-Sat 11
Tool Bag1
Chalk Bag1
Still Cam1
Mission Pinner4
Stellar Cartographer1


Hosted BySkunk
Enlistment Date2023.05.06
Knighted BySkunk
Pilot Date2023.06.20

Service Record

Date Div Mission Ship
2023.08.26 MAD Dr.Claw Day Oldskool Kool Golden Eagle
2023.08.19 MAD Local Patrol Golden Eagle
2023.07.15 MAD Return to Space Mountain Centvrion
2023.06.24 MAD Locate the Sansa-Spacesuit People Doctor Love
2023.06.10 MAD Niteowl Ez Raider
2023.06.03 MAD SCUL Day 27: Pamper The Parrot Doctor Love
2023.05.21 MAD FroYo SUNDAE Sunday sundae Swamp Thing
2023.05.06 MAD ChatGPT SNAFU Doctor Love